It is widely appreciated that Czech women are generally much more attractive than those from other European countries and USA, Canada.
Their attractiveness comes in various forms but essentially they embody a slender frame with beautiful eyes with straight or slightly wavy shoulder-length hair. Moreover the ladies from Czech Republic exude a level of style and composure that is lacking from those in other countries.

There are many facets to their allure .. natural beauty on the one hand combined with confidence which enables them to enjoy their femininity and to present themselves as beautiful women looking to get on in life. The women we represent are kind, have good manners and believe in being respectful to their partners.

Slovak Women

The majority of Czech women we represent are educated and independent women, many of whom like to continue their education following graduation. Continuing to study when employed is a common way for them to become more knowledgeable and better themselves. They are both hard working at work and at home as it's not customary for Czech households to employ domestic workers.

Czech women are family orientated whether they have children or not, loving, devoted and loyal with many possessing a sharp sense of wit and humour.
The Czech ladies we interview and accept as members of our exclusive agency are single, beautiful and charming women with good English who are eager to meet a nice guy for a relationship and see where that may lead.


The city of Bratislava is located in the south-east of Slovakia and is about a 4-hour train ride from Prague. It is the capital of Slovakia and has some fine places to visit including the 13th Century castle which dominates the city high up above the Danube. Being a smaller city than Prague with a very attractive old town it is easy to locate a comfortable café or restaurant for the first dates. The elegant Slovak women we represent at PCW, just like their Czech counterparts are very keen to meet a nice foreigner for a relationship.

The women in the city dress to impress with summer attire short skirts and high heels so a certain level of dress code is recommended when dating our Bratislava women. As in Prague and other Czech cities, there is a very large number of ladies who speak English as they too place a large emphasis on their education. Many work in Vienna and commute daily as its only 80 kilometres to the west.

The main focus in Slovakia for our customers are the beautiful, English speaking Slovak women who reside in Bratislava and surrounding cities. Some of our clients also have time to travel further east to Presov and Kosice where we have hundreds of lovely women to meet. For this, we recommend a flight from Bratislava, Prague or Brno as the roads through central Slovakia are quite underdeveloped and result in long journeys. The flights can help too when an individual wishes to tour different areas within Slovakia to meet his future Slovak partner.

Our agency registers Slovak women who are serious about finding a foreign partner and they utilize our professional introduction services to be successful in this quest.

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    They do not because the Czech Republic and Slovakia are members of the EU guaranteeing unrestricted travel throughout Europe. And unlike other Eastern European countries, a Visa is no longer required for Czechs and Slovaks travelling to USA and Canada.
    The ladies are hoping to meet a foreigner for a serious relationship and they know they can achieve this by using our professional service. Some have friends who were successful in finding a foreign gentleman with us and they all know the men they want to date are not the type who go to discos or randomly approach them in the streets.
    Yes your personal privacy is important to us and we take absolute control over your private data.
    Yes, we do and this is included in our service and information will be provided by one of our personal assistants before your meetings commence.
    Our office is located at IP Pavlova Palác,4 patro,Náměstí I.P. Pavlova 1789/5, Praha 120 00. We work full time from this office and we also have offices in Brno, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia that our staff utilize when we have clients meeting women in these cities. Besides our office in IP Pavlova Palác we have access to a private luxury meeting room where it is comfortable to discuss the dating arrangements with our clients.
    Most of our clients date our women in Prague and women living outside the city will often travel in for a meeting. Some individuals like to see some of the country and visit different cities particularly Brno and Bratislava in Slovakia so any itinerary can be utilized depending on the time available.
    Yes, we do not accept any other national that may be residing in Czech Republic or Slovakia who is interested in becoming a member of our Introduction and Dating Agency.
    We advise a minimum of 3 days however meetings can be combined over several trips if required. We can arrange up to 3 meetings a day during a weekend for those who have tight schedules. It is necessary to know that all of our Personal Introduction Dating programs have to be completed within a one year period. We offer flexibility in this respect because we know people are in different situations and the dating success of our clients is our top priority.
    We know the best hotels in each category throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia for our clients comfort.
    There are far less cultural differences for "western" men meeting Czech women compared to meetings with Russian and Ukraine ladies. Prague is essentially a western styled city set around beautiful centuries old architecture situated along the banks of the Vltava river. The city has extraordinary culture including multiple impressive opera houses, scores of theatres, gourmet restaurants and many fine 5* hotels.
    It is simple, all we require initially is for you to complete the Registration form to the fullest of your ability and we will contact you to outline the options for meetings with our lovely Czech and Slovak women. The costs for our Introduction services are very reasonable considering our dedication to each client culminating in extremely high success rates and life changing experiences.

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