It is widely appreciated Czech women are much more attractive than those from USA, Canada and other European countries. Their attractiveness comes in various forms but essentially they embody a slender frame with beautiful eyes with straight or slightly wavy shoulder-length hair. Moreover the ladies from Czech Republic exude a level of style and composure that is lacking in other countries.

There are many facets to their allure .. natural beauty allied to their self confidence enables them to enjoy their femininity and demonstrate that they are getting on in life. The women we represent are uncomplicated, possess good manners and are respectful to others.

Slovak Women

Many of the Czech women in our agency are educated, independent women who choose to continue their studies beyond University in order to gain more education and knowledge. They are typically hard working at work and also at home as hired domestic help is quite unusual.

Czech women are family orientated, caring, devoted, loyal whilst possessing a good sense of humor.
The Czech ladies we accept into our exclusive agency are single, beautiful and charming women with language skills who hope to meet a nice guy for a relationship and see where it may lead.


The city of Bratislava is located in the south-east of Slovakia and is situated about 4 hour drive from Prague. As the capital of Slovakia it has some fine places to visit including the 13th Century castle which dominates the city high up above the Danube. Being a smaller city than Prague with a very attractive old town it is easy to locate a comfortable café or restaurant for first dates. The elegant Slovak women we represent at PCW, just like their Czech counterparts are very keen to meet foreigners for a relationship.

The women in the city dress to impress with summer attire short skirts and high heels so a certain level of dress code is recommended when dating Slovak women. Similar to Prague there are many educated Slovak women who speak English as they too have an international outlook and interest in other countries.

Our agency registers Slovak women who are serious about finding a foreign partner and they utilize our professional introduction services to be successful in this quest.

    Ask a Question?


    They do not because the Czech Republic and Slovakia are members of the EU guaranteeing unrestricted travel throughout Europe. And unlike other Eastern European countries, a Visa is no longer required for Czechs and Slovaks travelling to USA and Canada.
    The ladies know their chances of meeting a match from another country is simpler when utilizing our support. Some have friends who found their dream partner with us and they appreciate too that the men they want to date are not frequenting discos or randomly approaching them in the street.
    Yes your personal privacy is very important to us and we do not share your information with anyone other than suitable women.
    Our office is located at IP Pavlova Palác, I.P. Pavlova 1789/5, Praha 120. We work from this office and we also have offices in Brno and Bratislava that we use when people have meetings in these cities.
    Most of our clients have meetings in Prague and women situated outside often travel in for a meeting. Some people like to travel to different cities particularly Brno and Bratislava so there are different options depending on time available.
    Yes, we do not accept any other nationality residing in Czech Republic or Slovakia.
    Usually people travel here for 3 - 5 days for their meetings. We offer flexibility in the dating process so meetings can take place during a one year period. We recognize people are in different situations and the dating success of our clients is our top priority.
    We know the best hotels in each category throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia for our clients comfort.
    In Czech Rep and Slovakia cultural differences just follow traditions such as at weddings and parties. The culture and mentality of people here is much closer to western Europe and not at all similar to Russia and Ukraine. Prague is essentially a western styled city set around beautiful centuries old architecture situated beside the Vltava river. The people are very different to Russians as they are much more relaxed and easy going and English is far more widely spoken.
    We require a completed Registration form and we will contact you to outline the options for meeting the ladies. The costs for our Introduction services are reasonable considering our dedication to each customer and the extremely high success rates and life changing experiences.

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