Proper Etiquette Tips for Meeting Czech Singles Who Are Looking for Love

If you’re trying to meet Czech singles who are interested in starting romantic relationships, it will be to your advantage to learn some of the finer points of etiquette that many Czechs deem to be acceptable. Here are four etiquette tips that can help you when meeting Czechs who are single.

Avoid Discussing Business

Czechs are known to separate their business lives from their personal lives. If you start talking a lot about work or other business matters while on a date, you may be seen as rude and disinterested in establishing a deeper connection with the other person.

Don’t Pry

Privacy is something that many Czechs hold dear, and asking a lot of personal questions about a person when you’re just getting to know them can seem intrusive. Allow the other person to open up to your first and then provide further details about yourself as you get more comfortable being around each other.

Expect Less Emotion

Generally speaking, Czechs are known to show less emotion than people of other Western cultures, and you shouldn’t view this as a sign of disinterest. It’s also best to not be highly emotional in the beginning stages, as this might seem strange when trying to connect with Czech singles. Even when you get to know the other person better, don’t expect a big show of emotion.

Give Flowers Wisely

Czech adults usually view giving flowers as a sign of romance, and you’ll want to do it the proper way if you choose this route. Calla lilies are often used for funerals and should never be given to someone who you’re trying to court. Like in many other cultures, the number 13 is considered bad luck, and giving a floral bouquet with this many flowers can be insulting.

Your quest to spark a romantic connection with a Czech single can be made easier by knowing the right etiquette tips. Perfect Czech Women features single ladies who are looking for people like you. If you’re ready to meet Czech singles, visit

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