The website collects data which is non identifiable to our clients personally. Data such as the frequency of visits to the website and the pages that are selected for viewing by the interested party. This information is useful to our database management team as provides information on such activity that in turn benefits our customers by enabling our team to constantly re-examine and improve the system.

It is important for our uses to recognize that the website does not store or collect any identifying details that are of a personal nature. However there can be situations and cases where the customer and / or registrant intentionally and purposefully provides details of a personal nature. This occurrence can happen in several capacities and commonly when the personal information is used for offers that may be floated from time to time or suggestions for utilizing a different service for relationship success or simply in the answering of a query. It is important to note that the user engaging in communication with the company is the authority in the information that is determined as being of a personal nature through contact forms on the website or via telephone conversations.



The privacy policy as stated here is only applied to the website

As is the case with website it is possible that at some stage the website may be linked to other ‘external websites.’ This is not a fundamental policy of the website owner but it could happen at some stage in the future development of the website. Of course the owners of cannot be culpable for the privacy methods utilized by other companies. The user can of course check the policies of other websites that can be accessed directly from in the case that links are available. In the case of links it is appropriate to clarify that the owners of cannot take any responsibility for the conduct or misconduct of any ‘external website’ and the recommendation is that the user contacts these sites if they feel it is necessary to do so.




The website values the use of cookies. Cookies can be either enabled or disabled by the visitor so the choice is available at the start of the website experience. However those users who choose to disable the cookies could find themselves inhibited from having the ability to fully engage in the website. These items on our website do not enable any intrusive access to our visitors hard ware and any information that may be personal to them. It is important to understand that they only enable the sharing of the information that the user decides they are willing to provide. These items collate information about the users experience on the website and are identified as samples of text that are stored on the hard drive. The cookies are prevalent on our website in order to undertake a variety of tasks but notably to enable the analysis of movement on the website by its visitors and to shape future campaigns and alterations to the content on certain pages following the information obtained from analyzing the cookies. The IT partners are also able to monitor the collection of data from the cookies and use appropriately the information attained from them.




It is likely that over time the website will develop with the introduction of new Introduction services to benefit the company's clients. It is necessary to realize that any such development will be made in association with amendments to the conditions which will be reflected in the privacy policy.