Is it time for me to meet some beautiful, educated, single Czech women who are highly motivated to have a relationship with me?


Answer NO..

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Answer YES..

If you are reasonably interesting, reasonably successful, reasonably open to another culture with a spark in your eye.. then we can help you change your life!

Our Introduction and Dating Agency has several thousand lovely Czech and Slovak women who want more than anything to meet foreigners for relationships and marriage. Men in European countries and particularly UK / Ireland and the USA find it quite extraordinary how they can date such elegant and beautiful women through PCW. They are also surprised why the Czech women we represent even need professional help to find a partner...

To understand why we need to look at some established cultural indicators. There is no doubting the economy in the Czech Republic is currently quite robust and people's lifestyles, particularly in Prague have improved substantially over the last 20 years. However, there is still the generations-old problem for women who still find themselves just too attractive, smart and supportive for the many macho men here who consider smiling an act of weakness. You think people in your country drive badly? .. think again .. most Czech male drivers are impatient, erratic and aggressive tailgaters. Why? because they are macho tough guys and in their world it is considered weak to be kind and courteous to women.

Most smart, attractive Czech women know they deserve better... after all they like you only have one chance at life.


There are NO VISA REQUIREMENTS for visiting the Czech Republic and Slovakia from USA, Canada and Europe

Prague airport receives daily direct flights from all over Europe and several USA cities 

We know many of our women personally having met them in our offices.. this helps to make successful matches for our clients

We create an exceptionally high percentage of relationships for our international clients and our Czech and Slovak women

Prague is a wonderfully romantic city, a suitable place for meeting some beautiful women from our agency

We are the premier agency for relationship success between international men and Czech/ Slovak women. We introduce our clients to the Czech women who meet their criteria and make many single people very happy indeed. Do you want to arrive single and leave as a couple ?.. if you are serious about changing your status and having a beautiful Czech woman by your side, you should begin your transition today by completing our registration form.